Thursday, 13 May 2010

'Fashion, Art or Industry?

The designer Hussein Chalayan created this
collection inspirited by war, the conflict
between the Turkish and the Greek populations
in Cyprus in 1974. The idea focused on to flee
one's home in times of war...chairs became
suitcases and tables became skirts ready for
people to leave their houses and go somewhere

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

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Monday, 10 May 2010

'Objectives to Reach with Dissertation'

1- Define the purpose trough design of fashion designers from 21st Century.

2- Pinpoint examples of work from Russian constructivists fashion designers to compare with designers from 21st Century.

3- Discuss is fashion art or an industry?

4- Analyse the future purposes of fashion design and commercialisation of this one.

'Websites of Interest and Research'

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Friday, 7 May 2010


1- Analysis of the Topic
Areas to look at,

Constructivism Art Movement
Political, Cultural and Social Movements Trough Design
Fashion and Commercialisation
Purpose of Fashion Design

2- Identify Research
By using those sources,

Primary Research
Contacting People to Interview them
by email, telephone or one to one

Secondary Research
Watch, Read, Collect

Tv Programs

New and Old Articles will be researched
in Public and Private Libraries

Search for Essays, Articles,
Websites and Videos Relevant to Subject
Ie; Essay on ‘Clothing the Soviet Mechanical’ – Flaneuse, J, Cockburn, 2005

Costume Revolution, Textiles, Clothing and Costume of the Soviet Union in the Twenties

Russian Revolutionary Art
(by John Milner)

Twenty-Five Visions, The Future of Brand
(Edited by Rita Clifton and Esther Maughan, Interbrand Group, 2000)

Aelita The Queen Of Mars
(Directed by Yakov Protazanow, 1924)
(This are only examples of the research already found)

3- Understand, Select and Classify Research

Classify Research by Specific Area of the Topic

4- Continuation of Primary Research

Carry on Collecting Primary Research
Notes will be taken for Ideas to Discuss in Dissertation,
also Thoughts and Reflections

5- Start Writing

Start Thinking on the Structure of Dissertation
First Draft of Dissertation will be Done by September 2010