Thursday, 6 May 2010

"Constructivists From 1920s"

Ljubov Popova
Vladimir Tatlin
Alexandra Exter
Varvara Stepanova
Nadezda Makarova
Vesnin Brothers
Nedezda Lamanova

'Russian Utility Dress an Expression of Culture and Liberation of Ideas'

Stepanova’s argument hinged on dismissing the disdain for the ready-made clothing during the Czarist regime. She did this by proposing that clothing under the new circumstances becomes an aspect of cultural reality which, as she made her readers aware, was tied to industrial development (Clothing of the Soviet Union, J.Cockburn, 2005)

Working machine must not play the piano, must not feel happy, must not do a whole lot of other things. A gasoline motor must not have tassels or ornaments . . .. And to manufacture artificial workers is the same thing as to manufacture gasoline motors. The process must be of the simplest, and the product of the best from a practical point of view. (Clothing of the Soviet Union, J.Cockburn, 2005)